American Muscle

During the last few weeks on our Facebook Live, I described how hitting some deep sand while riding my mountain bike sent me into my best "Superman" imitation while flying over my handlebars! The abrupt landing on my left rib-cage not only slowed me down a bit, but made normal breathing a challenge. It also entitled me to a trip to the nearest ER for a chest x-ray. The x-rays revealed that nothing had been broken just some significant bruising with a final prognosis to take it easy for several weeks. One of our long-arm quilters, Lauren, told me she was working on getting my bubble wrap suit ready to protect me from any more injuries. My response to that and several other zingers from folks has been simple, "Ok, Ok, I know now that I can't skim over the top of deep sand as Jesus walked on water, so next time I'll get off my bike and walk!" Thanks for all the well wishes as I am feeling better and have already hopped back on my bike for a few rides and even rode to the scene of the crime on Saturday morning.

I now transition to the subject at hand - American Muscle, by Studio E. When I first laid eyes on this super cool collection, it immediately took me back to my high school days when most of my time was either spent looking at, dreaming of, reading about, or riding in American Muscle cars that were plenteous in those days! Many of my "cooler" friends strutted their stuff in rides like a '67 Z-28 Chevy Camaro, a '68 Ford Ranchero, or a '69 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport! For the rest of us rabble, we would just dream of a super cool car as we tooled around in something, you might say, that was a little less exciting! For me, the less exciting option was an awesome, (clearing my throat - wink, wink) VW Squareback with a whopping 50 horsepower motor to push me down the road!

I do realize that a percentage of you don't have a whole lot of interest in classic muscle cars, loud engines, or horsepower numbers, but I do believe that many of you have someone close to you that would be considered a certified "Gearhead"! To those folks - who wouldn't be pretty excited to have a wonderful quilt made from this collection and be taken back to a fun time of nostalgia that we loved so much. Here is the full description of this great collection. "For all gearheads out there, Chelsea DesignWorks has created a nostalgic 1970’s muscle car collection in a patriotic palette. There is a panel with 10-inch square blocks showing six different views of muscle cars and gas stations in a 24” repeat. Other patterns are two different layouts of muscle car all-overs, a collage of muscle cars with gas station and car icons, spark plugs, tone-on-tone car parts, a tire tracks stripe, stars, flags, and of course, the 1970’s classic, furry dice!" This collection is highlighted below as one of our new fabrics this week, so just click the link to be transported to the entire line of nostalgia!