Quilts for Sale

One of the many things I enjoy about our shop is walking around the store and overhearing descriptions of the myriad of diverse projects that are being discussed. These projects range from a fun table runner for the upcoming holiday season, a warm fuzzy Flannel Gnomies quilt being made for a grandson, or looking for that perfect fabric to be used in a One-Block-Wonder. There was even one conversation with a nice guy I met, that his wife was making him a very cool cape out of fabric from our Halloween section for the big event at the end of this month!

We love fabric and it is our goal to help you be successful with your project from beginning to end! With that in mind, we are continuing to keep our store chocked-full of beautiful fabric selections from a host of designers and suppliers.

We also love making samples from some of those wonderful collections to excite and inspire you. Most of our store samples are made by our daughter, Racheal, who does a nice job on them. As we close in on our 4th year of ownership of Arizona Quilts, Debe and I have had many conversations on the subject… “What should we do with some of our amazing store samples?"

After some cogitation, we have decided to make them available for purchase. I know, I know...we sell all the products, tools, and even provide the help needed to make your own wonderful projects be something of great pride and accomplishment. On the other hand, have you needed that special gift at the last minute that you just didn’t have the time or maybe even the skills to make? If that’s the case, then we have the answer. We are now making available several wonderful quilts for purchase that are made with fabric lines that are no longer available or out of print. I am attaching pics of a few of the above.

There are several more than these, so if you’re interested I would suggest that you stop by soon as we have sold several of these awesome quilts in the last 2 weeks! If you’re not available to drop in, please just call the store and we can send you a pic of something that may pique your interest.

I also wanted to highlight the new “Wild Horses” collection I showcased in Wednesday’s Facebook Live! This very cool line by RJR Fabrics has a modern edge to it and comes in 3 colorways. It would also make an amazing One-Block-Wonder according to the App which converts any pic of fabric to an impression of what the One-Block-Wonder would look like. The link is below if you would like to check it out!