Butterfly House - Braggin Pole

Butterfly House - Braggin Pole #1


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Standard Row Size 9in x 36in. Wall Hanging Size 12in x 36in. What do you do with all those license fabric plates you collected in the summer Row by Row Experience? Use them on this Butterfly House Braggin Pole to create a memory of your road trip. Finishes at 12in x 36in or longer. Use as many plates as you want - pattern easily elongates to accommodate more plates. Top this design off by adding a 12in Quilt Block Fabric Holder Charcoal # 24867 by Ackfeld Wire. Fabric Plates used in this pattern are by Debra Gabel of Zebra Pattern for the Row By Row Experience, founded by Janet Lutz. None of the plates are included with the pattern and will need to be purchased separately from participating shops. Or maybe you already have some and don't know what to do with them - here is your answer!

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